Radar Detector Reviews 2015

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Top Radar detectors ever of 2015

Radar detectors are great gadgets to have in your car. They can save you from a speeding tickets, money and even points on your license. Motorists have been using radar detectors now for a long time and police officer are not quite too fond of them.

A radar detector is a device that sends magnetic waves out and picks up radar gun used by police and send back the information to the receiver in the radar detector. Then it alerts you by making a noise or flashing telling you there a cop trying to catch people speeding somewhere within the area. They are quite handy and work extremely well if you have a good one. Those cheap $30 dollar ones are not the best and usually alert you with tons of false alarms that are junk. However, you can avoid false alarms by buying a good radar detector that’s worth the money and can actually save you from a speeding ticket.

Radar Detector Recommendations

I want to share a few radar detectors I would high recommend that work well and can identify the false alarms to the real thing. Think of it this way… An average speeding ticket cost around $200-500 dollars depending on a few factors. However, a top of the line radar detector cost around $200-$500 dollars. And it’s a great investment and can save you money in the long run. Without further due, here are some of my recommendations when it comes to choosing a radar detector that’s best for the price.

Whistler CR90 Radar Detector

The CR90 was created by Whistler which is a very reputable brand in the radar detector market. They make some of the best mid-range price radar detectors you can buy. Its cost is around $160 which is quite reasonable compared to some of the top radar detectors that cost $400-$500 like the Passport Max by Escort. For the price of the whistler CR90 you won’t find a better radar detector for the price. Not only does it detect all laser and radar bands, but also detectors red-light cameras and speed traps. All in all, this radar detector is the best radar detector for under $200. However, if money is not an issue and looking for something better check out the Passport Max.

Review on Passport Max


The Passport Max is one of Escorts tops model radar detectors on the market. It’s very high tech and even uses military technology to alert and save you from a speeding ticket. Also you are connected to Escorts live data base that warns you about all the red-light cameras, speed cameras and other activity that might be going on in the area from other users who are using this radar detector. However, this radar detector does costly almost $500 but people say it’s worth every penny and couldn’t be happy on the performance of this device.